So you’ve found us! Thanks for being here to experience the very beginning of an exciting journey, one where real estate and technology merge to ever increase your convenience and peace of mind. We are excited to start off on the road ahead as your guide to better, more rewarding real estate transactions.

As with most new ideas, we – a group of real estate professionals from developers to investors and past and present Realtors – first began to think up Listing Llama because we often found ourselves facing the very problem we are here to solve: Who should we hire to represent us in our real estate deal? Well, not all deals are equal… and neither are all real estate agents. Far from it. There is an agent for every kind of transaction, in every corner of the world. You could describe Realtors as varied as the number of species in say, the bird population! There is likely a real estate agent within a mile of you, and likely one referred to you who is, say, your sister’s husband’s cousin’s friend who happens to be a Realtor. That doesn’t mean that he or she is the right Realtor for you…

So, we decided that what we needed was a platform to request and confidentially review their services and offerings, before meeting face-to-face with the Realtors in our area. Because we all know another thing that most real estate agents have in common – they are persuasive and bold personalities (which is great, because we need those qualities on our team when they go to bat for us in buying and selling!) but we don’t want to be sold or pressured or feel like we “settled” straight out of the gate. It’s is nice to have an arm’s length when reviewing and comparing their services, before making a choice.

We also know that we don’t want anyone choosing for us. We don’t want any “matchmaking”, thank you very much. Because hey, on the romantic front, how often does the first “match up” ever work? In a real estate transaction you want to really succeed with the choice you make in a realtor – to make the best choice. We want to be empowered with knowledge so we can make a solid, informed choice, on our terms. And that is what we have created here at Listing Llama.

You’re in this with us, and we want your participation and feedback to help us continue to evolve and make tools for you to thrive in your real estate transactions far into the future. Please get in touch with us to tell us about any Listing Llama experiences and insights you would like to share that can help us help you!

Thanks for being here!
The Listing Llama Team

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