On Listing Llama you may be leaving money on the table (in fact we know you are, because we have buyers and sellers waiting for proposals RIGHT NOW! No foolin’…)

Here are a few tips to consider when seeking to learn your potential new client’s goals

Be Thorough

Number One: Did you read the complete Opportunity? Absorb that thing like it’s spilt water and you are a dry sponge. If you have questions, kudos, you were paying attention! Ask them. This is a perfect way to start to engage your new contact.

BUT FIRST, give them some information. And don’t ask them to get off of the platform and call you, or vice versa. They are here for a reason, and often it is a little bit of vulnerability. Respect them. It will pay off with more communication, and more facts which will help you get to your end goal faster, in determining if this is the client for you.  The faster you get to learning their goals the faster you will learn if they are the client for you. No time wasted, and the possibility of profits maximized.

Llama U Crash Course Starts April 17

We are just finalizing our first educational series in the members-only Llama U. It is a video email series that’ll give you the crash course for success on Listing Llama. We will be engaging the program for people signing up from April 17, 2019.  In an effort to make sure every single member has the same opportunity, we will be starting the program for you, our existing members too.

The Listing Llama Team

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