How much does it cost for home buyers and sellers?

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How much does it cost for Realtors?

After your free trial, unlimited access to Listing Llama buyers and sellers is just $149/month – no big commitment. Just month-to-month service and benefits that you can cancel anytime you like.

Let us know if there is anything we can help with. We want to hear your questions and suggestions and help you optimize your experience on Listing Llama to make it the best tool in your real estate kit.

Read on for more of our top FAQs for potential buyers and sellers

Do I need a real estate agent to buy a home?

Legally, you do not need a real estate agent to buy your home. However, there are many benefits to using one. For example, an agent can help you determine the worth of your property by providing a Comparable Market Analysis. Agents also provide various services such as home showings, offer negotiation and suggested home improvements that may help increase the value of your home. Additionally, you cannot have your property listed on MLS without an agent! 

How many real estate agents can I hire?

As many as you want. However, the more agents you hire, the more you have to pay. This rule does not hold true to different types of property purchases—you may opt to work with one agent when buying your home, and a different agent when buying a cottage.

Are all the Realtors® on Listing Llama licensed?

Yes. We constantly screen and have systems in place to ensure authenticity. If there is ever fraud on the site, the user will be banned immediately and reported to the real estate council, the governing body of real estate law.

A Realtor® proposed a specific property to me, is this normal?

No. Our web app is meant to help you choose a Realtor for their services, NOT their inventory. We screen the site daily for such instances and most often will revoke membership to Realtors engaging in this kind of solicitation. If you are ready to hear about properties from a Realtor and move ahead with them, make a handshake and get to working together to find your dream property!

Can I expect discounted commissions through Listing Llama?

Listing Llama highlights the quality of a Realtor’s services. Based on your ability to compare proposals from several Realtors you can decide what is valuable to you, be it home staging, thorough advertising, or demonstration of previous related sales. You will naturally start to see what can be expected from your Realtor and agree to the commission rate that is fair.

Should I expect to learn what my house is worth on Listing Llama?

Not exactly – Our Realtor members are advised not to make valuations on our platform. Our service is to acquaint you with Realtors, in order to understand what you can expect from them in today’s market. Realtors can fairly give you a price range, but don’t expect a firm valuation until all the Realtor’s steps are taken, which will happen AFTER you have decided to work with them.

A Realtor® told me s/he has a qualified buyer ready to buy my property. What should I do?

Whether you are online or in the “real” world, this can be either a true statement from an honest Realtor or a shady tactic on the part of some Realtors. If you find yourself in a conversation or situation where this arises, don’t share your address or your name.

First ask the Realtor to provide you their latest sales, website and some validation for how they’ve found this buyer. Chances aren’t usually in the favor of such a claim considering that real estate agent doesn’t yet know the exact details of your home. Do a little “Googling”. If you feel that the Realtor’s claim is untrue, please make sure to email us your concerns so that we can follow up on any potentially questionable or unethical behavior on the Realtor’s part. We aim for quality on our system and in the real estate industry at large. We won’t hesitate to report unethical activity to the Realtor’s broker, or board.

If I choose to work with a Realtor® on Listing Llama to achieve my real estate goals, does it mean I have entered a binding contract?

No – Once we make the introduction between you and one of our Realtor members it is up to you to proceed to a listing contract or a buyers agency contract.

I chose a Realtor®, and once they wrote up my Listing Contract or Buyer’s Agency contract, they didn’t include and aren’t fulfilling their Listing Llama proposal promises. What should I do?

Communicate with your Realtor, that you have noticed the omission of proposed services promised and reach a new agreement, and be sure that they include it in your official listing or buyer’s agency contract. If you don’t feel satisfied, get back on Listing Llama to find a new Realtor! BUT FIRST: In most jurisdictions, you aren’t bound to stay with a real estate agent who isn’t performing well for you. Even if it is that you simply don’t get along, you can cancel your contract. Call your local real estate council or governing board to see what the rules are in your area.

How can I tell if my agent is being untruthful?

Once a person signs a Representation Agreement with an agent, he/she becomes said agent’s client, meaning that the agent now has a fiduciary duty towards the client. Henceforth, the agent is obliged to represent the client’s interests and needs—and lying to them, or on their behalf, is an unacceptable practice. Agents are required to practice with honesty and accountability; to maintain confidentiality and not disclose any information to a third-party which may undermine their client’s position in a negotiation. In a situation where an agent has bent the truth, depending on the circumstances, penalties can include indemnifying the client and / or a mutual release of both parties from the representation agreement.

Top FAQs For Realtors®

A potential client asked if I would provide a discount. Should I?

It is up to you to build your standards and industry best practices. Your managing broker can help you with methods for managing challenges like this one that is commonly faced, on and offline.

A potential client has asked if I can match another Realtor’s proposed marketing services? Should I?

Be honest from the start. If you know you likely can’t do it, don’t make the promise. If you don’t have expertise in the product or service in question, then provide your best answer. For example: “Another agent offers our property to be featured in the Real Estate Weekly Centerfold. Will you?” Answer: “I don’t have a contract with that magazine, but we can discuss other proven successful advertising methods and explore different options.”

If you can not guarantee, don’t make the promise and scramble to find a way. Research this option for future clients and figure out how to do it, so you can guarantee your promises.

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