After all the costs of licensing and office fees, get a break on your marketing costs for acquiring new clients, by virtually eliminating them!

We Market Directly To Buyers and Sellers On Your Behalf

Stop buying leads and spending a fortune on un-proven and ultra-costly marketing and advertising. We don’t source leads from low quality and misleading forms online. We market to real buyers and sellers, and directly ‘ask for the order’…no tricks. Potential clients take the time to post their real estate needs and request proposals from our Realtor® members.

By reviewing and comparing proposals and engaging in online conversation, buyers and sellers gain confidence that they’re ready and able to choose the right Realtor® for them. Our process empowers your potential clients with current industry knowledge and expectations, builds trust, and proves each client’s sincere need to buy or sell. All of which means more confident, committed clients for you…before you’ve spent valuable time and money to find, win and keep their business.

Realtor® Membership Benefits

Get These In-App Features Working For You

Client Opportunities

Get the facts and gauge expectations and readiness before you invest valuable time.


Our system is set-up for clients to build trust and confidence in you.

Details, Details

Learn what clients really want through asking questions.

The Power of Chat

Build rapport and show your value with your potential new client. Share important facts and knowledge that’s helpful to them.

Digital Handshake

…because nothing feels better than a committed client. Your new Client contact details will all be emailed to you, while the relationship is already a few steps ahead.


You’ve already done a lot of the heavy lifting here…that was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Now go get your listing or buyer’s agency contract signed!

Build Your Client Base and Expand Your Network’s Horizons

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