Listing Llama is for Realtors like you

Strategic, inexpensive marketing and lead generation!

Listing Llama is for Realtors like you

Strategic, inexpensive marketing and lead generation!

Save Time. Close More. Earn More.

Listing Llama connects you with homebuyers and sellers in your area.
Potential clients post their real estate needs and request proposals from our Realtor members. By reviewing and comparing proposals and engaging in online conversation, buyers and sellers gain confidence that they’re ready and able to choose their Realtor.
You’ll find potential clients not usually found through traditional lead generation, cold calling and advertising. This means strategic, inexpensive marketing and more confident, committed clients for you.

Leads. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Listing Llama app lets you check-in anytime from your mobile device or computer to find new business, save time and money on costly marketing and networking efforts, and ultimately close more deals. No prob-llama!

More Features + More Control = Less Stress

  • Quick Property Browsing
  • Convenient Online Access
  • Private & Secure Messaging
  • Personalized Agent Profiles
  • Consumers ready to buy or sell
  • A professional platform to display your expertise
  • Free trial period

More Potential Clients = More Successful Transactions


Potential new clients post the home they wish to buy or sell

These buying and selling profiles, called opportunities, provide details like size, budget range, favorite details, and location. Follow the opportunities that best suit your expertise for success!


Our system is set up for building trust and confidence

Because we provide confidentiality for their postings, your potential new clients are empowered to ask honest questions that will give you insight into their motivations and timing.


Learn what your potential clients are looking for and respond

While you won’t initially find a potential client’s name and complete street address, sellers are asked to post pictures and relevant details such as size, bedrooms, bathrooms, neighbourhood and what details they love about their home. Buyers will let you know what they are looking for. Without the pressure a client may feel from meeting one or more Realtors face-to-face, clients will feel comfortable sharing more.


Customize proposals with each client’s unique interests in mind

Because of the arm’s length nature of online interactions, you can objectively gain insight into what is important to them, and professionally build your proposal with their interests in mind. Once you have sparked their interest, they’ll engage you in online communication, where you and your potential client can iron out the details.


The hard work starts once your new client has committed

When your new client has made the decision to hire you to represent them, they engage in a digital “handshake” that will notify you to “reach out” and complete the “handshake”. Once you accept, your new client’s complete details are sent to you by email. Their “Opportunity” will now be hidden from other realtors.


Reach out to your new client and set up your first meeting

Listing Llama has helped you find your new client and it’s up to you from here! Once you have met with your new client, signed a listing agreement or buyers agency contract and fulfilled your proposal commitments, you can reap the rewards of a happy client and an ever broadening network.

Get Connected in 3 Simple Steps

1: Simple Sign-up

Signing up online is quick and easy.

2: Complete your Profile

Create a profile that shows potential clients that you’re great at what you do.

3: Connect Online

Build trust ahead of time so that once you are representing your new client, there is confidence and a good flow of creativity for sales and marketing.

More Features + More Control = Network Growth

COMING SOON – Listing Llama will connect you with other real estate professionals and trades you can network with, such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors, electricians and other trades and professionals. STAY TUNED!

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