Kelowna, British Columbia, July 10,  2019 –  A new FREE app called Listing Llama launching across BC and Alberta, allows home buyers and sellers to avoid high-pressure face-to-face meetings to find a real estate agent. Free for buyers and sellers, Listing Llama anonymously connects them to real estate agents expanding their choice from recommendations of family and friends to agents who may be better suited to their needs. It’s a way to search for the perfect agent from home without the pressure to commit.

“With today’s real estate market, it is more important than ever to find the right real estate agent,” says Tarynn Parker, CEO of Listing Llama. “The days of endlessly soaring prices and bidding wars are over, replaced by falling prices impacting sellers and tough mortgage rules impacting buyers.  Finding the best agent to work with is now a vital step. Recommendations from family and friends are not enough any longer.”

The idea for Listing Llama started with a simple question, why isn’t there a platform for a buyer or seller to find an agent without going through a high-pressure meeting? Why can’t there be a streamlined fast process that gets straight to the point so I get real estate agents competing for my business? A little over a year later Listing Llama is moving into the mainstream to help buyers and sellers anonymously connect with real estate agents until they find the one who is right for them.

“We’ve built a platform that is comfortable for the public to honestly express their needs and doesn’t rely on word-of-mouth or referral-based business which can lead to all kinds of unknowns for both the agent and client,” says Parker.

How Listing Llama works:

  1. The buyer or seller signs into the FREE app and anonymously tells real estate agents what they are looking for. This is called a “posting” and is made available to local real estate agents. 
  2. Sellers share details of their house, square footage, and age, what they love about it, a few photos, and the general price range of their home.  Buyers share what they are looking for and their budget. Buyers and sellers share the information with real estate agents anonymously. 
  3. Real estate agents respond with a proposal. Agents and clients have the posting to engage with an in-app chat feature, ask questions of each other, develop a relationship and negotiate details including fees and services. 
  4. A buyer or seller can withdraw at any time, with no pressure, as they remain anonymous through the whole process until they decide to share their information with an agent.
  5. At no time will an agent have a buyer or seller’s information unless that person shares it with them. Listing Llama does not provide personal information to real estate agents. That is up to the user to decide. Listing Llama is simply a platform for them to connect without high-pressure sales techniques.

Early results from beta testing:

Listing Llama has been tested in the Kelowna BC region since February and has recently undergone a major upgrade for its expansion throughout BC and Alberta. In the Okanagan, 120 beta users have resulted in 41 active opportunities to buy or sell; 32 real estate agents are participating. Approximately 60% of the users are home sellers and 40% are home buyers.

Kelowna Tech Facts: The Okanagan is home to about 700 technology businesses and over two-thirds are based out of the Kelowna area. Kelowna is BC’s third-largest tech hub. The tech industry in the Okanagan employs over 12,000 people generating $1.67 billion per year for the local economy.

(Source: Accelerate Okanagan)

About Listing Llama 

Listing Llama is a free app available in the Apple App Store and online at 

Listing Llama is a FREE tool for home buyers and sellers to find the Agent that is right for them.

Llamas are guides and this is about guiding buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, educating all of them in a more modern way with a new approach.

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