We’ve all heard before that a picture is worth a thousand words, but clichés get to be clichés because they’re true! The value in using images to communicate the message of your Posting is undeniable.

Images help grab attention, explain tough concepts and improve understanding. Images help tell YOUR story!

When it comes to our 5 senses, our sense of sight is by far the most active: 

Sometimes information—regardless of how relevant to us or which side of the deal we are on—can feel impersonal. Realtors®, like home buyers and sellers, have the same five senses and experience the same emotional cues when they see your photos. Therefore, helping Realtors® feel this connection to your home is vital to them transferring those positive, relatable feelings to your home’s prospective buyers. 


The photos you post in your Posting need not be perfect or MLS ready (many Realtors® offer photo packages as part of their proposals). They are simply to give your prospective Realtors® an idea of the layout and features of your home so they can grasp how to best serve you and present you with a winning proposal. Upload pictures from your smartphone or point & click camera and flex those amateur photographer muscles!


If you’re not familiar with Pinterest and Google image searches, now’s a great time to become acquainted! Seek out photos that best represent the style of home you’re looking for (ie. quaint cottage, urban duplex or modern mansion), and post them to your Buying Posting.* Listing Llama App updates are coming very soon that will allow Buyers to upload photos, too!

The bottom line?  

Visuals are memorable and effective because they help people process and understand large amounts of information more quickly and easily. 

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