1. Deniability– “They decided/ordered/cancelled. Not my fault.”

2. Helplessness– “It’s not in my job description.”

3. Contempt– “They don’t pay me enough to put up with customers like these.”

4. Fear–“Leave good enough alone, it’s too risky, what will my colleagues think, it might not work…”

Mediocrity is the ultimate invisibility cloak. If you want to get lost in a crowd, operate like everyone else. You’ll fade into the scene.  Fear is the prima materia of mediocrity and the other three support it. Cut down and cease all actions rooted at these four corners, and you will see you are standing bright in the centre of the crowd, the center of attention, the remarkable one.

Llama U Crash Course Starts April 17

We are just finalizing our first educational series in the members-only Llama U. It is a video email series that’ll give you the crash course for success on Listing Llama. We will be engaging the program for people signing up from April 17, 2019.  In an effort to make sure every single member has the same opportunity, we will be starting the program for you, our existing members too.
The Listing Llama Team

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