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  • I’ve Got A Feeling

    Yes, even online you can deliver a meaningful experience through your engagement with potential and current clients. Many great relationships formed because of a dating app, LinkedIn or a business correspondence. Us humans are adopting the use of online platforms and finding meaningful connections because of them, despite […] More

  • Top Questions To Ask Your Potential Realtor®

    Stay on point with this quick reference checklist for interviewing a Realtor®. STATUS 1. Are you a licensed Realtor®? 2. Do you work in real estate full time or part time? 3. Are you a member of MLS?  EXPERIENCE 4. How long have you been working in real […] More

  • Power-Up Your Opportunity with InSIGHTful Photos

    We’ve all heard before that a picture is worth a thousand words, but clichés get to be clichés because they’re true! The value in using images to communicate the message of your Opportunity is undeniable.
    Images help grab attention, explain tough concepts and improve understanding. Images help tell YOUR story! More

  • Okay, How Do We Get Started?

    “Okay, how do we get started?”… Music to a Realtor’s ears. These six short and sweet words are the result of a perfect (or at least very effective) sales process. How do you get there? Follow your sales process. Make it your job, everyday, to hone your sales […] More

  • Give Just What They Need

    When you are writing a proposal for a client, focus on what they really need. Don’t overwhelm or distract or dilute your efforts with services that really just won’t work for them… Like, why tell them you do great drone photography if they are trying to sell a […] More

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