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Less marketing costs, more new clients

Stop buying leads and spending a fortune on un-proven and ultra-costly marketing and advertising. We don’t source leads from low quality and misleading forms online. We market to real buyers and sellers, and directly “ask for the order”…no tricks. Potential clients take the time to post their real estate needs and request proposals from our Realtor® members. 

Our process empowers your potential clients with current industry expectations, builds trust, and proves each client’s sincere need to buy or sell. This means more confident, committed clients for you—before you’ve spent your valuable time and money to find, win and keep their business.


Our Story

We bring you qualified potential clients to save you time and money


  1. Home buyers and sellers tell you exactly what they are looking for. Each request from a home buyer or seller is called a Posting and is made available to local real estate agents.
  2. Buyers share what they are looking for and their budget. Sellers share details of their house, including square footage, age, and what they love about it. Sellers can attach a few photos and give the general price range of their home.
  3. Agents respond with a proposal. Agents have the opportunity to engage with buyers and sellers in the in-app chat, including asking questions, developing a relationship and negotiating details like fees and services.
  4. The buyer or seller remains anonymous until they decide to share their information with you. They join your client list as a qualified lead with defined goals for their real estate transaction.

Now the power for great real estate results is in your hands.

Create a personalized agent profile and browse qualified new clients

Create connections using secure private messaging

Find unlimited opportunities for new business

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We market directly to buyers and sellers on your behalf. Build your client base and extend your network’s horizons.

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