Find the Realtor you need

Find the Realtor you need

Prob-Llama Solved

Whether you know too many Realtors or none at all, Listing Llama will connect you with licensed Realtors in your area.

Create a confidential profile and post your real estate needs. If you’re selling, take photos inside your home, including any notable features or project areas, and upload them to Listing Llama. Review and compare proposals received from our Realtor Members and share further details with potential Realtors through online communication.  Address any questions and concerns through private messaging and then make a decision on the Realtor you’d like to hire.

Your identity isn’t shared until you are confident you’re ready to make a hiring decision.  Listing Llama uses a digital handshake to seal the deal. No Prob-Llama!

Real Estate Moves On The Road Ahead


Once you post your “Opportunity”, Realtors respond to you with proposals based on the information you posted in your Opportunity.
Realtors propose their time, services, special products and local expertise to demonstrate that they are the right realtor to find your dream home or investment property. We’ll only share your contact information once you’ve chosen a realtor that you’re satisfied can represent you.


Share important facts and details about your home, especially all your favorite features!
Realtors propose their time, services, special products and local expertise. This lets you review, compare and then determine who will best sell your home for top dollar in a timely manner. We’ll only share your contact information once you’ve chosen a Realtor you’re happy to have represent you.

Buying & Selling

If you’re selling a home and buying another, you can roll both into a single opportunity for Realtors to make proposals on. Or you can post separate buy and sell proposals, and if you really like one realtor, use him or her for both transactions!

How it Works

Create An Opportunity

Opportunities are the listings you create to represent your selling or buying needs.

Do share information that will be valuable to a Realtor reviewing your opportunity, yet ensures your identity isn’t revealed. Be clear about what you love and don’t love about your home, or what you can’t live without in the home you’re buying. At this early stage, we recommend you remain anonymous in your communications with Realtors.

Review Proposals

Submit your Opportunity and watch the proposals come in.

Objectively review your proposals. Compare and contrast the services and benefits of each one. Learn what the industry trends are, and be empowered knowing what you can expect from your Realtor in the current market and in your area. Knowing what to expect will keep you focused and on track for a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

Engage in Online Messaging

When a proposal catches your eye, use online messaging to address any questions you have.

Get to know the real estate agents making proposals to you through their responses. You can engage in online messaging with one or more Realtors. Take your time. Be sure you are ready to trust the Realtor you hire to be your agent in this important transaction. You want this relationship to be a win-win for you both.


Decided on your new Realtor? Then reach out for a “digital handshake”.

When you connect with a Realtor and trust their expertise to represent you as an agent, offer him or her a digital “handshake”. Once the Realtor accepts, your identity will be shared via email, and your “Post” will be hidden from other Realtors. Now that we have set you up, you’ll be communicating only with the Realtor you hired!

Meet Your New Realtor

You and your new Realtor are now off the Listing Llama platform and into your real estate transaction.

Your Realtor will get in touch via phone or email and start the process of finding you a new home or listing your current home. Expect a Listing Contract or Buyer’s Agency Contract, and under the Real Estate Act and Code of Ethics, he or she will be transparent about your combined commitments.


We believe you are on the road to a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

Now that you are a member, you are part of the LLL family. Stay in touch and let us know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

1: Simple Sign-up

Signing up online is quick and easy. Your identity will be kept confidential and will only be shared with the realtor you choose.

2: Create an Opportunity

Post your real estate needs and upload photos if you’re selling a home.

3: Straight Talk

Connect with real estate agents in online communication, instead of a coffee shop. Get to know what each has to offer and decide what’s important to you in a Realtor before  you sign on the dotted line or divulge your identity.

More Features + More Control = Less Stress

COMING SOON – Listing Llama will connect you with other real estate professionals and trades in your area so you can hire all your real estate people in one App, from your Realtor, mortgage broker, plumber and home inspector to your carpenter, electrician and other trades and professionals. STAY TUNED!

  • Confidential screening
  • Your choice of agent
  • Convenient online access
  • Multiple property opportunities
  • No upfront obligations. No binding contracts.
  • Secure & private messaging
  • Free for buyers & sellers

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