They say buyers decide in the first 8 seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it, which means your home’s curb appeal is a big deal! Get open-house ready with these 7 simple tips.

1. Paint your front door

Think Contrast and Colour, and be mindful of the statement you want your front door to make. Is your home a classic, darker tone? Stick with a fresh coat of white paint to hit that refresh button. If the exterior of your home is fairly neutral, have fun injecting a pop of personality to your front door. Wanting a cheery feel? Opt for a sunny yellow! Feeling classic? Try a firetruck red or dark teal. For more insight into the psychology of colour and the role it plays in selling your property, click here.

2. Add warmth through lighting

Lighting is responsible for so much of a home’s mood, so set that mood before you even enter the front door with lanterns, wall sconces, strings of hanging lights or landscape path lights.

3. Bring it to LIFE!

Adding plants in and out of your home instantly adds a lived-in feel. If your thumbs aren’t the greenest on the block, head on over to your local nursery or garden centre for expert advice and ideas on which low-maintenance and seasonal options might work best for your property. Helpful tip: Always use liners inside the planters. This way, any of the excess water drains into the planter and not onto your porch creating a mess.

4. Doormats: 2 are better than 1

Talk about a 1-2 punch! Not only do these add a finished feel to your entryway, but by adding an exterior, tougher door mat and an interior, cozier one, you’ll trap all that unwanted dirt right at the front door, meaning less cleanup in-between each open house.

5. Get up-to-date with modern address numbers

Does your home fall under the category of “cute” or “character”? Instantly bring your home into the now with modern, sleek address numbers. The bigger they are, the more “wow” factor you’ll add!

6. Provide a place to rest weary feet

A simple bench, stool, or hanging chair creates an inviting area for open house attendees to remove their footwear, and also lets them experience how they might enjoy hanging out on their new front porch! Extra points for any seating that doubles as storage for messy or muddy items you may not want brought inside.

7. Rake it in

We saved the most obvious for last but it is possibly the most important! Maintaining the living elements of your outdoor space (lawn, shrubs, flowers) as well as the more concrete ones (pun intended) shows your potential home buyers that this property has been preserved with pride and love, and sets the tone for the inside tour. Home buyers will feel at ease knowing that their prospective investment has been cared for, and should face minimal problems after purchasing.

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