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From Realtors to home inspectors, designers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, mortgage brokers and lawyers, LISTING LLAMA is where home owners, buyers and sellers connect with Real Estate Professionals on our app.

Owners, buyers and sellers can post their real estate needs on our platform and REPs respond with customized proposals for services.

REPs find quality business leads through strategic marketing, spending a fraction of usual marketing costs.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Beta Test of Listing Llama! Based on the successful results, we are gearing up for U.S. and Canada launch. Please contact us for further information!


Your New First Step to Buying or Selling Real Estate

With the pandemic, consumers are fast becoming comfortable making an online connection rather than a first meeting face-to-face in an office, coffee shop or at your kitchen table. No pressure from either side and physical distancing achieved.

Listing Llama

Listing Llama is independent from Realtors, real estate professionals and related trades (REPs). We are not a list selling service and we do not influence buyers, sellers or users (Users) of our site or app in any way. We want to provide our Users with informed choices when they choose an REP, and we want to provide REPs with qualified leads through our Users.

Listing Llama

Are you relying on referrals from friends to find a real estate professional? A rocky start can lead to some uncomfortable moments. Know what to expect BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

Listing Llama

“Finding the right REP to work with is now a vital step with soaring real estate prices and bidding wars cooling, some markets experiencing falling prices that impact sellers and in some markets, tough mortgage rules that impact buyers.”

Our platform makes it easy for home owners, buyers and sellers to efficiently post their real estate needs, upload photos and review proposals from REPs to allow users to make an informed choice of which REPs will work well with them. Buyers and Sellers no longer have to rely on word-of-mouth or referral based options.

We make it easy for REPs to post proposals to consumers, giving REPs qualified leads at a fraction of the usual marketing costs.

“Generally, we don’t want to start the conversation with an REP by asking what the total transaction will cost.”

Listing Llama allows our Buyers/Sellers to easily post those tough-to-ask questions, without being confrontational, and where both Buyers/Sellers and REPs have a chance to form a real connection before a first meeting. It takes the pressure off that first meeting where an REP often feels they have one chance to push for business with the client too shy to ask the detailed questions that need to be answered….How much will it cost? How long is it likely to take? What services will you be providing? Can you give me a breakdown of services? Will you sign a binding contract with me for your services?

“Buyers and sellers are online these days.”

People are increasingly more comfortable beginning relationships through online connections and real estate is an ideal way to use that connection, bringing buyers/sellers together with REPs and starting those relationships on a solid foundation.

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