Our market testing was a success! Our software is ready for national roll-out.

ListingLlama will be Auctioned at 12 pm on Wednesday, 27 March 2024.


Our market testing was a success! Our software is ready for national roll-out.

ListingLlama will be Auctioned at 12 pm on Wednesday, 27 March 2024.


We meet Your Real Estate Needs Online

Listing Llama’s online platform facilitates successful real estate transactions for everyone by connecting home buyers, and sellers (consumers) with area Realtors.

No Prob-Llamas!

Listing Llama connects home buyers and sellers (consumers) with real estate agents in their areas. Consumers create confidential profiles, post their real estate needs and request proposals.
Realtors review consumer postings and respond online, showcasing their expertise.
Consumers review and compare proposals from Realtors and make a decision on hiring a Realtor.
Our consumers’ identities remain anonymous until, through online chat with Realtors, their questions are answered, and they choose and hire an agent.

Home buyers and sellers love Listing Llama

With multiple real estate agents interested in selling your property or acting as your buyer’s agent, you can take your time and find a realtor who can meet your buying and/or selling needs.

Features for buyers and sellers:

  • Always FREE for homeowners and home buyers
  • Get multiple offers to list your property or to act as your buyer’s agent
  • Private messaging with agents
  • Choose a Realtor when you are ready.

Realtors and Real Estate Professionals love Listing Llama

Listing Llama’s marketplace allows potential clients to present you with opportunities to act for them when they are buying and/or selling property. As an agent, you can browse real estate opportunities and act as buyer’s agent or present offers to list to numerous sellers.

Features for Real Estate Professionals

  • Easy online access to qualified leads
  • Share your agent profile with buyers and sellers
  • Choose what you really want to sell

Easy online access

Access the online tool from anywhere! Listing Llama is available through any web browser on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

The choice is yours

Get to know the people you might work with, and the terms you’ll agree to, before making any commitments.

Show off what you’ve got

Whether its the home you’re selling, the home you want to buy, or your real estate expertise, Listing Llama gives you space to showcase what you have to offer.

Confidential communication

Get to know who you’re working with through secure online chat. Ask questions, address concerns, and confirm details.

Win-win negotiation

Through proposals and easy two-way messaging, agree on terms that make everyone happy.

Expand your network

Forget having to rely on recommendations; create new connections in a framework that promotes fruitful long term relationships.


Get connected in 3 simple steps

1: Simple sign up

Signing up online is quick and easy.

2: Create your profile

Add an opportunity or setup an agent profile.

3: Connect online

Negotiate proposal terms then make a handshake, digitally!


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